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Pre-purchase inspections / Purchaser’s reports

All Building Inspections believes that purchaser’s require a comprehensive yet accessible report that furthers their understanding of the building. The building can be seen in terms of significant issues, which require further investigation, maintenance timelines and the particular attributes of a prospective home.

Items identified in the house inspection can be understood in context of the age and type of property.

Pre-purchase building reports can be used to appraise the potential costs for any work recommendations and to use in the negotiation process with the vendor.

Pre-sale Building inspections / Vendor reports

Over the years we have experienced an increased request for pre-sale inspections and we have identified a service that we believe is of the most value to our clients who are considering the marketing of their property.

We regard vendor’s reports as providing information about the condition of the property so that our clients may choose to remedy any maintenance considerations prior to marketing their property, or will have a better understanding of what a prospective purchaser’s building report may highlight and the potential this may have for negotiations.

If a vendor chooses to remedy any issues identified in the inspection ABI will then re-visit the property to document the work carried out. This service is inclusive of the pre-sale inspection fee.

Pre-purchase Building Inspections / Verbal reports

ABI recognizes that in some circumstances such as a property being sold at Auction or when time restraints are very restricted a verbal report either by telephone or on-site can be more useful to clients.

Reports for Banks and lending institutions

All Building Inspections recognises that clients often require a building report to satisfy certain conditions for finance and are happy to distribute additional copies if required.

In response to clients enquiring about Methamphetamine Testing we now offer on-site instant result screening, which is carried out prior to the building inspection.

We offer individual swab testing for up to a maximum of ten rooms for a flat fee. Results are documented in a report with photographs to identify the areas that have been tested.

In the event that the presumptive test indicates a positive for the presence of Methamphetamine we can then discuss with you the options of further Laboratory testing to establish the levels.

We are trained and certified to use the Identification Test Kits.

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