What it is all about

Our house and building reports are comprehensive but also aim to be concise and reader-friendly.

Particular attributes, significant faults, gradual deterioration and significant maintenance are identified with recommendations to resolve any issues or for further specialist appraisal.

Building materials are explained in terms of their maintenance requirements and the standard of workmanship is recognised.

Photographs are used where helpful.

ABI takes a solution-based approach to all building reports. As well as reporting on the condition of a building in terms of its age and type, you will be advised about what maintenance it would be prudent to attend to promptly, avoiding more costly repairs later, and what can be planned maintenance over the next few years so that you can protect your investment.

The written building report is emailed to you within 24 hours of the house inspection and we are always happy to discuss any queries you may have.

We can liaise with other trade professionals and additional hard copies of building reports can be arranged upon request.

ABI aims to further your understanding of the building. Pre purchase house inspection reports can be of great use for a purchaser to bring into real estate negotiations, or for a vendor who wishes to be fully informed about their property before sale.

Get a building report you understand.

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