What it's all about

ABI inspections are carried out in line with the guidelines of the NZS 4306:2005, which is the New Zealand Standard for residential property inspection.


An inspection is a systematic check of the building’s overall structure, interior, services and condition. It is a visual non-invasive comprehensive building check that considers matters such as instability, weather tightness and standard of workmanship.


An inspection covers aspects of the site, sub floor, exterior, roof exterior, roof space, interior, services & identified ancillary spaces and buildings.


Driveway, paths, fencing, walls, gates, verandahs, pergolas & decks.

Sub floor

Foundation type & condition, ground condition & ventilation, timber framing & bracing, insect/pest presence/damage (visual report only) and plumbing & electrical type


Roof: type & condition, Chimneys: visual overall condition report, Eaves, Fascias, base boards & gables, Walls: cladding type & condition, balconies, rain water systems

Roof Space

Insulation, framing, condition, signs of obvious structural alteration, plumbing & electrical type


Walls, ceilings, flooring where accessible, interior windows & doors, heating systems type & location, air extraction, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, bench tops & tile condition, stairs & balusters, fixtures & fittings, socket testing & lights, toilets are flushed and taps/ showers are run and then checked for signs of leaks.

Moisture testing is carried out around windows, doors and wet areas and where it is deemed useful.

Ancillary Spaces

Sheds, sleep outs & garages


All Building Inspections recognises that house inspections often need to be done as soon as possible and we operate a 24 hour turnaround.

We are happy to meet you on site once the inspection has been completed.

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